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“I obtained Jack in 2014 for custody of my Son. His father had taken him from me. It was such a terrible situation, and I was in despair! My first consultation with Mr. Fuerst left me feeling at ease! He was going to get my son back! He advised me on how to handle the incident, always kept me posted! Serving my X took a miracle! I felt like more than just a client, he was genuinely concerned! I received full custody with strict supervision! Thank you so much Jack!!!”– Jennifer V.

“Jack was a wonderful attorney to work with. He represented my case in court very well and is very knowledgeable! He was able to accommodate my crazy work schedule. I recommend him to represent any hard working single parent fighting for custody or child support.”– Vanessa M.

“I used him as my divorce attorney in 2015 as he was recommended by a friend who used him is his divorce. He saw me quickly and we discussed my case and he was always responsive and responded to me quickly. My county requires mediation in all divorce cases and he told me that up front and what to expect. We did the mediation within a couple months and I was divorced the same day as the mediation (my ex and I came to agreement that same day). I would highly recommend Jack Fuerst for your divorce.”– Claire L.

“Filed Chapter 7 in 2007 and everything went well. We were able to rebuild our credit within two years.”– Dee Dee

“Jack was able to assist with a small matter quickly and effectively and he did it pro bono! He’s a smart attorney and was able to talk sense into an otherwise irrational person so as to avoid legal escalation. Jack saved everyone a ton of time and money. If I need him in the future, he’s on my list of contacts!”– Robert S.

“Jack is an outstanding attorney. My company works with many attorney’s and Jack’s firm provides the best debt relief legal protection on the market. They are experts at dealing with credit card lawsuits and just about any debt relief related issues.”– Paul P.

“Diversed in law..very smart and knowledge of how law applies to all”– Juana W.

– Robert M.

– John J.

– Malini M.

– Vinith V.

– Keiko E.

– Sophie A.

– Roland S.

– Doris J.

– John Z.

– Celeste

– George J.

– Dean L.

– Erika C.

– Mark S.

– Franklin T.

– Martin S.

– Loka M.

– Herry V.

– Johanna R.

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