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Can I Afford To Hire A Texas Bankruptcy Attorney? How Do I Pay A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Fees?For my practice my fee can be paid in 10 equal monthly installment payments. I require payments to start after the bankruptcy is filed with a skeletal petition submitted,. I want to make sure I prove my worth as a lawyer to you before you commit to paying for my services. With the payment agreed upon, I will finish the remaining petitions and prepare you for the next steps in your bankruptcy.

The only items the client must pay for upfront is the filing fee and the cost of a credit report. So, for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the client pays $388 upfront and then my fee is paid in 10 installments after the petition has been filed.

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What Is Your Firm’s Zero Down Policy For Bankruptcy Filings In Texas?

My policy is 10 months, 10 equal payments to be paid starting after the initial filing. The only required payment prior to the initial filing is the filing fee and the cost of the credit report. No one should be prevented from filing bankruptcy because they can’t afford the attorney fees.

What Should I Look For When Researching A Houston, Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me?

Important factors to consider when choosing a Houston, TX bankruptcy lawyer are how long they have been practicing in bankruptcy, his knowledge of the rules and regulations, how to put a petition together, and respond to trustee’s questions in a 341(a) meeting.

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